Engineering Solutions


Specialised software and instrumentation for the mining industry

Facilities and Machinery

Monitoring of key facilities, critical equipment and assets with performance analysis

Instrumentation and Measurement

PC and embedded measurement, control and instrumentation systems

Electrical Utility and Equipment

Equipment for the measurement and analysis of quality of electrical power, building monitoring and distributed metering


Rail asset monitoring systems for both track and rolling stock

Transportation & Automotive

Performance monitoring and control solutions for automotive and bus equipment

The Company

TLC Engineering Solutions based in Sandton, South Africa, was founded in 1987 to provide a range of cost-effective IT solutions for a broad range of industries including railway, mining, telecommunications, transportation and manufacturing.

The Resources

TLC founders Terry Cousins and Luis Valentim lead a highly experienced team of engineering and IT specialists. The company has extensive expertise in developing custom made and off-the-shelf products to suit a variety of technological needs across the many industries.

What the Company Offers

Expert technical interpretation of a client’s needs and the development of cost effective solutions that are easily modified to suit user requirements.
Matching affordable and rapid solutions to a client’s exacting requirements.
Attention to detail ensuring user friendly, state-of-the-art products that are backed by the highest level of support.
Our experienced team of professionals offer access to numerous resources, such as academic and industry partners and consultants.
Utilisation of cutting-edge technologies to develop solutions that suit your industry needs.
An innovative approach based on PC or embedded microprocessor technology.
Integrated solutions include web servers and database applications to embedded intelligent network or stand-alone devices.
Turnkey project services are available for “total solutions”.